Grateful For Socks

A couple of weeks ago as we were doing our weekly walk through La Carpio greeting families and gathering children Roberto (one of my favorite kidoes...shhh) walked into one of the houses and came to the front door with a very sweet little girl that was probably about 2 years old. As I was chatting with Roberto he smiled really big and kinda laughed and said look at her socks (in Spanish of course, aren't you impressed I understood?) I looked down at her little feet to see gloves where there should have been socks. I smiled gave the little girl a hug and said how beautiful, and as I glanced up I saw her mom standing behind her. I continued to tell the mother how beautiful her little girl was and asked if I could take a picture. As the mother graciously allowed me to take pictures of her daughter, I was struck by the love I saw in that mommies eyes; she loved her daughter so deeply. I walked away that day impressed by the love that that mommy had for her little girl. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do to keep your little girls feet warm, and that might mean using gloves for socks. So many families in La Carpio are grateful if they have a light to turn on, a toilet to flush, and more importantly food to feed their children. When it comes to socks or shoes other things are definitely higher on the priotrity list. So frequently we are so focused on what we want or the things that we THINK we need, that we forget to be grateful for socks.

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