San Carlos Mission Trip

We had a WONDERFUL weekend, thanks so much for all the prayers. Yesterday was a very busy day, but we had a great time. We started off the day with playing and just hanging out with the kids, then we had some organized games, sang some songs and had a lesson about Noah and the Ark. Some of the kids dressed up as Noah and his wife and others acted like the animals on the ark. It was lots of fun. We finished it all off with a rainbow craft project. The kids definitely had a good time. After a short break for lunch the team dispersed to different areas; doing many different things. There was an event to minister to some of the women in the community, the ladies said it was a very precious time. A few of us hung out with the children of the women participating in the women's event, and others went to a boys home just up the road. The team there did yard work and maintenance on the house and just loved on the boys. It was a very powerful and impacting time. It was a wonderful day. It was definitely a blessing to be able to be a part of the Lord's work there.

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Charlotte said...

You go girl, I am so proud of you. Follow your heart!!!