Out Sick

So Saturday morning I woke up with a soar throat, by Saturday afternoon it was accompanied by a stuffy/runny nose, Sunday morning I could barely talk, but I braved it to church anyway. By Sunday afternoon I was convinced my head was going to explode and I wanted my mommy. As sad as it is I have only gotten steadily worse, with occasional moments of relief. My teacher said yesterday that if I was still sick today to stay at home, I had a test today, but she said I could make it up. So here I sit in my room feeling like I just might go crazy if I'm in here for 5 more minutes, but what else am I supposed to do. Last night I felt like I HAD to get out so I went to a movie and grabbed something to eat with a friend, it was nice relief, but I probably should have stayed at home. Yesterday a nasty cough started and I just can't kick it. So all that to say please be praying for me. I've been in bed all day, I just had some soup, and I'm now drinking this NASTY concoction that my Tica mom made, I have been taking medicine, but nothing seems to help. I just need a touch from my Jesus to heal this body of mine.

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