Civil Unrest

Last Sunday it seemed that the "civil unrest" here in Honduras was escalating. I was asked by many to consider leaving the country. The Lord spoke clearly to my heart and said "Be patient." so that's what I did. I am so grateful for the voice of my Father. Since Sunday things have calmed down drastically. Last Sunday when Ex President Mel Zelaya tried to return riots broke out in Tegucigalpa. We had the first and only death due to the rioting. A person in the crowd shot a 19 year old boy. (I must say 1 death in 2 weeks of civil unrest is quite impressive.) A missionary that has lived here in Honduras for 13 years posted this letter. From everything I've experienced here in Honduras I would say what he says is 100% truth. Please take a moment to read it.

As most of you know I have been here for over 13 years and have seen many things happen in Honduras. I know this country and its people very well and they tell me that I have become very Honduran myself. I am not sure if that is true, but I can tell you that I deeply love this country and am in awe of their love for God and the faith that I have seen in a people that are being misrepresented to the world.

Let me state again, without reservation, there was no military coup here. Martial law has not been declared here. The military is not in charge and does not want to be in charge. In a conversation with a friend and military commander on Sat, I was assured that they are doing all that they can to support the government and are ready to defend their country if that becomes necessary. However, they do not see the situation escalating to that level. What was done to get the ex President Mel Zelaya out of office was done legally by the Congress and Honduras Supreme Court. The military only carried out orders.

I read an email by an American Pastor who was stopped a couple of times on the highway trying to get to the airport the other day. He was upset because the National Police had stopped and searched their vehicle. He talked about Martial Law here. Please let me tell him and all of you, that is not martial law! That happens on a daily basis here. I have been stopped as many as 5 times in one day going back a forth to work. They do not have a highway patrol here and use road blocks to check vehicle registrations, driver’s license, identification and other things normally on the roads here. It may be a bit heightened right now, but that is to be expected. There have been hundreds of folks coming in from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua with false Honduran passports to cause problems and instigate riots here in favor of Mel Zelaya. These check points are one way of looking for those folks and trying to protect the population, not instigate martial law.

The real situation in Honduras is one of 95% peace! From what we can see and read, 80 to 90 percent of the population of Honduras supports the current government and does not want Mel Zelaya to return in any capacity. His presidency is over. He could not govern now even if he did return. He has an arrest warrant against him and will be arrested if he returns. The news is telling you that poor Mel was ousted in a military coup. CNN and FOX need to report the real truth. I invite Bill O’rielly and the rest of them to come and drive around the country with me to see the reality of the situation here. Mr. Mel Zelaya is lying to you!!!! He is trying to cover up a record of stealing, sex scandal and drug trading. There is much more to his ouster that one voting referendum.

Yes, Mr. Zelaya was elected to the position. So was Richard Nixon. Do any of you want him to return to power? Nixon was basically forced into resignation and that is basically what happened here. Mr. Zelaya signed his resignation and was escorted out of the country rather than face trial. Maybe it was not done in the way we would like to see it happen, but this is not the US or Europe. The constitution and laws here are different, but still just. These people acted and are acting according to their constitution.

What this country needs right now is prayer and support, not condemnation for doing the right thing. When people decide to follow the rule of law and refuse to follow a “would be” dictator they should not be punished for it.

You see I am writing not as a politician but as a Missionary and Apostle to this country. I am not allied with the government or the supporters of Mel Zelaya. My concern is for the people of this country. They are a peace loving, democratic people who have done nothing to deserve the condemnation that is coming from the OAS, UN and even the US.

I was asked to continue writing to you, my congressmen and anyone who will pray for and with us. I sent another letter to my Senator this morning. I will continue to update you on what is happening from inside Honduras and not from a reporters view.

My personal opinion is that Mel Zelaya was taken from office as an answer to the prayers of the church in Honduras. The church here is united right now against the corruption and crime that has gone on under his administration. The violence that you are being shown on the news is from the supporters of Mr. Zelaya. The church and the government supporters are united in prayer and standing in peace behind what they believe God wants to do in Honduras.

My family and I have no plans to leave Honduras because of what is happening. We are happy and content here and know that God had called us here for this time. However, I have asked permission of my church to leave if Mr. Chavez decides to invade and thus have an exit strategy. It is not a decision of fear of anything in Honduras, but of concern of what the international community would allow Mr. Chavez to do.

I ask you to continue to pray for Honduras and the government here. Also for Mr. Obama to wake up and realize that there is a real threat to our country and it is NOT coming from Honduras. If Obama continues to ignore Mr. Chavez and his minions and what they are trying to do in Latin America his awakening may be much too late.

So, the situation in Honduras is one of quiet anticipation of what the world will do next. If left alone, this country will have Presidential elections in Nov. and install a new President in January. If they are pushed to the point of defending their right to do that they will defend it to the end. A word from Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton to the Hugo Chavez’s of this region to “back off” would cause tremendous assurance to a people who love and admire the United States of America.

Please, if you will, take a moment to pass this on to your representatives and other interested parties. They need to know what is going on here. I have invited my Senator to come here and have volunteered to show him this country and what is really happening and not happening here. That same invitation is to any Congressman who is truly interested in knowing the truth about what is going on in Honduras and Latin America.

Please, please PRAY?

In His Grace,
John DuBose

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Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath on Obama waking up. We have the very same problem in the US and he is it. There are many Americans that understand the real story in Honduras. I pray for the Hondurans every day and I ask that you all do the same for Americans.

God Bless!