My heart is breaking.

Every Thursday I go to La Carpio and without fail every week I fall a little more in love with the kids there, the problem is every Thursday I'm a week closer to the day I'll have to say goodbye. This thought overwhelms me every week as we drive back to town. To the average eye La Carpio is just a nasty little run down ghetto town, it's dirty and dangerous, but to me it's the most beautiful place on earth. I told a friend today as we stood in the middle of a gym full of children running and screaming "La Carpio is the Happiest Place on Earth...Disney Land aint got nothing on La Carpio" and maybe it's wierd, but I mean it, with all my heart. Even now tears fill my eyes, as I try to choke back the feeling in my throat. God's grace is sufficient I know that, but none the less, my heart hurts. Please pray for me.

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CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Rhonda, that's just why you are who you are.