"How are you Winnie the Pooh?"

In the orphanage in San Pedro Sula I made a little friend. He's the cutest little guy, his name is Raul and he's 3 years old. One day everyone went outside to play. We were just kinda hanging out in a big open field, and Raul is very cute, but doesn't really like to listen. So we're walking in the field and Raul takes off in a dead sprint away from the group of people and towards a parking lot, so I say "Raul venga" ("Raul come here") he turns around looks at me laughs and turns back around and keeps running, so I continue to call him and each time he'd stop turn and look at me, laugh and keep running, so I think...hmmm...this is a game, but he's running towards cars. So I squat down with arms wide open and scream "Raul venga...Rapido" he turns looks at me and runs as fast as he can into my arms, it was so precious. So now the game was in my favor he was running towards me and not away from me. We played for a long time and had lots of fun. The day I had to leave I spent the morning in the nursery area with Raul and 5 other little ones. Thinking how sad it was to say goodbye I picked up Raul looked in his little eyes and thinking "he doesn't understand English" I say "I love you" and looking right back at me, I could see the little wheels turning in his brain and he says "I love you too"...IN ENGLISH!! I was COMPLETELY shocked. Then still looking at me with a very pensive look on his face he says "How are you Winnie the Pooh" yea, I about died laughing it was SO VERY CUTE! I laughed really hard, so for the next 30 minutes every once in a while he'd look at me and say it again, and sure enough I'd laugh every time. It was so hard to say goodbye to my little Winnie the Pooh, but he's in good hands.