So Much For Balance

You're probably thinking I'd rather "one sentence blogging" than no blogging at all, sorry I've been a little busy. Well, things have been going pretty good. I have hired a tutor a few days a week. She is definitely giving me a run for my money with lots of homework, but lots of learning. She's good for me. Please be praying for me, I have had a sore on my leg for about a month now that's pretty painful. I went to the doctor today, and he said it's a tumor that's infected. He put me on several different medications including antibiotics. He said we have a few options one is that it heals and goes away completely (that's what we're hoping and praying for). The other options are if the infection goes away, and he's ok with the way it looks, and it's not bothering me, it can remain the way it is. But if it bothers me or he's concerned about it, he will remove it surgically and do a biopsy. I'm confident that it's in the Lord's hands, but anytime you hear tumor, surgery, and biopsy in one sentence referring to your body it's a little stressful. Please be praying for complete healing, and for peace.


Laura said...

I will definitly be praying for you Miss Rhonda!

CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey you - will definitely be praying! Take care my friend - and see you soon?

pk mom said...

Hey there :) Aloha from WA, I've finally joined the blogging world! :) I've always enjoyed reading your posts - sentences & paragraphs! :) We'll be praying for healing for you!