A Little More Info

After much harassing about my "one sentence" blogging, I decided it would probably be a good idea to get a little more in depth about how things are going here. I've tried to avoid getting long winded in my blogs worried that people wouldn't take the time to read anyway, but I think I've gone a little extreme, in all areas balance is necessary, so I'll try to do better.

So about Nicaragua, I had a WONDERFUL time, the orphanage was so very sweet, there were only seven kids there but they are so loved, I was incredibly grateful. The work that they are doing in Nicaragua is amazing. The orphanage can house up to 40 children, but because of lack of funding and help, the government will not currently allow them to have anymore kids. The Pastor there has a vision though, they are currently in the process of building a bakery behind the orphanage, not only will it employ Nicaraguans in the area which is a blessing, but the proceeds from the bakery will fund the orphanage. Not to mention the ability to provide plenty of bread and pastries for the kids.

So the Big Question - "Is that my future home?" Sorry to tell you I still don't know. I could live there and work there and I believe it would be good and the Lord would bless me, but since before this whole process started I have had a desire to serve in Honduras, and my next stop is to visit two orphanages there, I have a feeling I'll find my home on this next trip. In Panama I felt a booming NO, in Nicaragua it was a more quiet "not so much", so in Honduras I'm hoping to find my place. The need is so great in Nicaragua, my boss would really like me to go there, but I told him I need to check out Honduras, to quench this desire I have, and if I don't walk away from Honduras KNOWING that that's where The Lord has called me, I'll go to Nicaragua. Please be praying that the planning for this next trip will go quickly and smoothly, and that I will KNOW exactly where the Lord wants me when I return.

I made a happy little slide show of the orphanage in Nicaragua. Enjoy, and post comments! :)


Sara said...

Looking forward to hearing about your choices as you listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit! Can't wait to hear about all the little lovelies you get to love and your tales to tell from whichever country you call home.

CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey girl! We just ran over to Nicaragua for the day. Very interesting time! What cities in Honduras are you going to? When are you going? Would LOVE to be there when go.

mikepettengill said...

Yep...there are some pretty cool orphanages in La Ceiba, Honduras...hmmmm...hmmmm. And, some friends.