I did it! ...or at least I tried.

I sucessfully told my first Bible story in Spanish last Thursday...okay, maybe it wasn't so succesful, but I tried, and the kids seemed to get it. There was a great turn out for the ministry in La Carpio last Thursday, we had about 80-85 kids. It was amazing! When it came time for the story each adult sat with about 10 kids and read a Bible Story. My little group read about Adam and Eve. I attempted reading the story directly from the book, but there were lots of words, and I was steadily loosing confidence, so I ended up just telling the story and refering to the pictures in the book. Then we just talked about the different things God created. It went quite well I think. The kids seemed to have fun, and I think they learned something. We ended our day with face painting, and you know, every kid loves a little face paint action. So all in all we had a WONDERFUL afternoon.

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Sara said...

felicitaciones! (or at least I think that's what one would say on such an occasion in enspanol!)
That's a big accomplishment! You're putting your learning and your language skills to work!