Feliz Cumpleanos!

Today has been a very special day in my home. Last night I found out at about 5:30 that today is my Tica Mom's birthday. (To clear up any confusion that may have caused, Costa Rican people prefer to be called Tico/Tica rather than Costa Rican) After frantically scrambling to get a gift, I attended my first Tico Birthday Party today. It was actually not much different than the average birthday at home. We enjoyed Pizza and soda followed by a birthday cake and candles and the lovely chorus of "Feliz Cumpleanos". It was quite fun. The night ended with everyone sitting around the table chatting...more realistically everyone else was chatting, and I was listeneing very intenly trying to maybe catch one out of every five words. I thought my spanish was going really well, but really, I generally can only understand what is being spoken DIRECTLY TO ME. I colided into that reality yesterday when I figured out that Ticos see my gringoness and automatically start speaking R E A L L Y S L O W L Y, I actually appreciate it, but I thought for a minute there that I was a lot smarter than I really am. It's not really too much of a problem though, because two months age I couldn't understand the really slow stuff, so I guess I am learning poco a poco. I took a few pictures of the festivities tonight, I hope you enjoy.


Sara said...

What a coincidence! In my "adopted family" here in Panama, the mama of the family (who is, by another coincidence, also a Tica) had a birthday on the 20th. I also had to rush out to find a gift, as I only found out at the last minute too! :) What fun! We enjoyed a nice dinner, provided by a family friend, and a yummy birthday rum cake! yum, yum!

Shelly said...

woo hoo party time!! Lol I love you!