No News Is Good News??

Sorry it's been a while since my last update, summer time in the U.S. means craziness in Honduras. :) We had an amazing group from Ada, Oklahoma for about 10 days or so in May, and then there have been people non-stop at my house since June 1st. I thought about counting how many trips I've made to the airport in the last two months, but I'm sure I can't even count all of them...not that I'm complaining, it has been so much fun. Here's a little ideas of the craziness from June 1 till now.

June 1 - My mom flew in.
June 3 - 4 guys flew in.
June 4 - 3 girls joined the fun.
June 5 - 12 more jumped on board.
June 11 - 3 ladies went back home.
June 12 - 2 wonderful women flew in.
June 13 - Another young lady joined the party, and I got my first summer intern.
June 17 - My mom went home. :(
June 19 - 19 people went home.
June 22 - My sister and her family flew in. :)
June 24 - 3 more interns came.
June 28 - Said goodbye to my sister.
July 3 - Another blondie to join my interns
July 9 - A couple of the guy interns came for a visit.
July 11 - The boys went home.
July 15 - Dropped off one of my summer interns.
On Sunday July 17 - I'll say goodbye to the rest of the interns and go home to a quiet empty house....well, with all the kids, so really there's nothing quiet OR empty about it, but it will definitely be a little quieter than normal.

So all that to say...yea, I've been busy, so please excuse the silence, but prepare yourself for the overload of pics that are on their way. :D

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