Easter Fun

In the U.S. Easter is so wrapped up in Easter baskets and bunny rabbits that it's hard to find Jesus and the real reason we celebrate Easter in the midst of it all. It was a bit of culture shock the first time I spent Easter in a Latin American country. I was so used to our culture and the way we do things, that it floored me to see the drastic difference. Here, the majority of the population has Holy Week off of school/work, and EVERYTHING shuts down on Good Friday. It's such a blessing to be able to watch and learn from a culture that holds a much deeper respect and reverence for Holy Week, I've learned so much watching some of the catholic traditions, I will truly never view Holy Week and Resurrection Day as I did before.

That being said, as much as I love and respect the way they do things here, honestly the thought of Easter passing and not seeing a single Easter egg kinda made me sad. So I decided to bring a little bit of my culture here this year. The kids had never even heard of dying Easter eggs before, so I headed to the store, got a few dozen eggs, a little vinegar, and some food coloring, and the egg ding began. The kids LOVED it, although they thought it was really strange. :) Here are a few pics of our Easter egg dying adventure.

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