Tomorrow's The Big Day!!

It's been a busy day pulling together all of the loose ends getting ready for school to start, but we did it! Backpacks with school supplies are hanging at the foot of each bed, uniforms are pressed and folded, shoes are shined with clean socks tucked inside, and every child is freshly bathed, tucked in their bed, and sound asleep, we couldn't be more ready. Tomorrow it all starts, the alarm will sound at 5:30, so I can drag myself out of bed to get the kids up and moving. Devotionals at 6:30, breakfast at 7:00 and everyone out the door and off to school by 7:30. Be praying for us as we jump back into the routine of a new school year. I'll be teaching English and Computer classes again this year, so life gets SOO MUCH busier, please pray that my time is multiplied, that I don't get so busy with planning, grading papers, and preparing for classes, that I miss the sweet moments with the kids. Please pray for the kids, that they will enjoy being at school, and learning. That whatever issues they've had in the past will stay in the past, and that they will start this school year on a new slate, ready to learn. Several of our kids really struggle in school, pray that this year will be different, that they will succeed at the tasks put before them. Please pray specifically for Nayeli and Manuel, they struggle so much, pray for confidence, that they won't decide they can't do something before they even try. Pray for Carolina, she's never attended school before, and she will be starting in 1st grade because of her age, pray that she'll soar in all that she does, and that the Lord will give her confidence, that she can succeed. Thank you for partnering with me in prayer as we step into this school year.

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