A Day At The Water Park

Every time we drive into the city we drive past a nice little water park tucked in the side of the mountain. When there are kids in the car all conversations come to a halt only to hear eeewwwing and aaahhhing as they look at the pools, the slides, and the loads of fun waiting to be had. For months we've wanted to take the kids to spend the day at this water park, but we just didn't have the finances to make it happen. A few weeks ago we received a special offering, and the plans began. It didn't take much thought to realize that in order to go to a water park everyone kinda needs a swimsuit, so I told Jorge I'd get right on that, so Nicole and I (an intern that is spending a couple months with us) went shopping. It was SOOO MUCH FUN picking out swim suits! We made a list, checked it twice...more like 5 times, and waited for the big day. We decided it would be MUCH easier to take everyone on a Friday when most the world was working or in school, so today was the day, and did we have A BLAST!!! What a blessing it was! I'm sure it was a day that won't soon be forgotten by any of us.


Kay Grose said...

Thanks for all you do for these precious ones. Looking forward to hugging Norma's neck in a little over 3 weeks!

Cynthia said...

One of my favorite memories of you is at the staff party at the Fisher's house. You were so sweet to my children playing with them in the water. You are such a patient and loving person with children. What a blessing you are.