Creepy Crawlers

Yesterday morning I woke up and rolled out of bed, and as my bare feet hit the cold floor, I thought "Ugh, I need to make my bed" and like a good little girl I did just that. As I picked up the last decorative pillow to put the finishing touches on my bed I saw one of the most hideous things I'd EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! Snuggled up under a small white pillow was the HUGEST...is that even a word?? Oh well COCKROACH I had ever seen! I frantically searched for the fly swat and beat the thing until I was confident it was dead. It was quite traumatic, but I took a picture, posted it on Facebook, and my friends helped me cope with the stress of it all.

So, fast-forward to tonight. I tuck the kids happily in bed; by the way they were all SO SWEET tonight, I LOVE nights like tonight. Anyway, so everyone gets all tucked in and Michelle and I head to my house to make a good day better with a chick flick and hot chocolate. As I'm telling Michelle how blessed I am, and how much I love my life, I look down and slithering around at the base of my door was a SNAKE! Well, of course like any normal women, Michelle and I screamed like little girls, which scared the snake, and he slivered his way right through the crack in the corner of the door. Michelle screams "Rhonda he's IN YOUR HOUSE", as if I didn't notice, and she takes off in the other direction, and I'm thinking..."IT'S IN MY HOUSE...IT MUST DIE!!!" In a split second I grabbed a long stick, ran in the house, chased the little sucker down and beat it to its death. I was quite surprised by my bravery, but the thought of knowing it was in my house, but not knowing WHERE it was, was too much for me to fathom, I had to act fast. So when the frantic beating of the snake stopped Michelle stuck her head in the door and said "Are you ok?" I just looked up and said "Ummmm....it's dead...I killed it....what do we do now??? I think we should call your dad." Sure enough she did, and Jorge came right over got the snake out of the house and shoved news paper in every crack, crease, or crevice he could find at the base of my doors, and said we'll take care of the wholes for real as soon as possible.
So there you have it, my creepy crawler drama of the last couple days. Would you be so kind as to pray that it will be the end of the creepiness for a while. :)

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