Trip to Costa Rica

This last week I took a trip to Costa Rica, as I am still here on a tourist visa, I had to leave the country to renew my visa. It was too early to go home for Christmas, so I jumped on a bus with my friend Matt and a couple of his buddies, and we headed to Costa Rica for a few days. We had a GREAT time! I stayed with the family I lived with while attending Language School, and we spent some time out in La Carpio, which if you followed me through my time in Costa Rica you know that in my opinion La Carpio is the "Happiest place on Earth". :) It was such a blessing to see the kids again and to visit Steve the missionary that heads up the ministry there. I hadn't seen the kids in a year and a half, and so many gringos come and go, I was kinda worried they wouldn't remember me, but those worries went right out the window when I got out of the car and kids came running screaming my name. Due to my camara situation...or lack there of, I have no pics, so I stole one off of Steve's blog, and the others are some oldies but goodies that I took while living in Costa Rica.

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