Maria's Home

I can't express how much of a relief it is to have Maria home. We have a long road to recovery in front of us. She will be in the cast unable to walk at all for the next six weeks and then she will need therapy afterwards. The incision is from her heel up her calf (about 4 in. under the back of the knee). The doctors are really worried about infection, so we will need to be extremely careful. I'm sure she will be spending a major part of the next six weeks laying on my sofa watching TV. I love her so much, it's so nice to have her home. The first thing she said when everyone walked out and left us alone was "Rhonda they made me take off my clothes in front of people...I was SOOOO embarrassed!!" Then we both busted out laughing. I could tell she was just bursting to tell me. She's such a sweetie. Please be praying for her continued healing.

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D said...

I'm so glad you're there Rhonda! I love that God chose you to go and help care for His kiddos.