El Día del Niño

Thursday was "El Día del Niño" here in Honduras, which is basically a holiday designated to celebrate children; and celebrate we did...all weekend long! With the help of LOTS of people back home, I was able to make a gift bag for every child here in Didasko as well as all of the kids that attend school here (over 60 kids in all). Friday the kids came dressed in their best for a party and their gifts. They were so very excited. A lot of work went into those little gift bags, but I'm sure I've never heard "Gracias Rhonda" so many times in one given day. Every child was so grateful. Saturday a group from our church came out for lots of fun with our kids here in Didasko, what a blessing they were. I put together a little slide show, I hope you enjoy. (When I uploaded the video to blogger, the pics were super blury, so I made another slideshow with a different program. They both have pretty much the same pictures, enjoy)

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