Dollar Store Fun

While visiting the States, I decided to go on a little shopping spree at the Dollar Store, We crammed a shopping cart FULL of random fun stuff to bring back to the kids. I planned on bringing things out one at a time over the next several months, but I came home to a broken TV and a bunch of restless kids needing SOMETHING to do...so the Dollar Store goods came in handy. These kids, unlike kids back home, haven't really had the opportunity to do a lot of coloring, or use water colors, or play doh, or play simple card games, so it was like I had Bags of TREASURE, little kids and big kids alike had a blast. I put together a little slideshow, enjoy!
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deb said...

Rhonda, I am a memeber at East Valley. My friend and member Patricia will be going on a mission in Costa Rica sometime is November. You are an inspiration to doing what we all need to be doing with our lives. I'd love to send books or what do you need there? I'll do what I can
Thank you!