Semana Santa

The kids are out of school this week to celebrate Semana Santa (Holy Week). It should be a fun week. We are in the dead of summer here, it has been UNBELIVABLY HOT, so we bought a couple of small swimming pools to help keep the kids cool. They are loving the water. In the mornings we are going to do craft projects to ocupy some of their free time. This morning I decided we would paint, they really had fun, but it sure did make a big mess. Nothing that couldn't be cleaned up with a few trash bags and some soap and water though.

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nichole said...

i just love seeing the pics of the kids and the things that you are doing with them. i know that you are a true blessing to them and it seems like they are a true blessing to you also. in your newsletter, you told about washing their feet. before you even said anything about jesus washing the disciples feet, i thought about that and also when the lady washed jesus' feet with her hair. i know you are and will be truly blessed by god for your awesome acts of servitude and love. miss you and hope you got your package.