The Gringos Are Coming!!!!

Weeks before Easter Sunday the kids heard that a group would be coming from the States for a visit. This particular group comes every year to celebrate Easter with the kids. When I first arrived at Didasko the kids kept asking if I had eggs with candy in them, because you know...ALL GRINGOS come with eggs with candy in them. I thought it was funny, but I could tell right away that whoever it was that came with eggs definitely impacted these kids. Easter morning there was grate anticipation waiting for the group to arrive, I figured the kids would be blessed that day, but I didn't take into account how grately blessed I would be as well. Of the group that came very few spoke Spanish, but they pulled out their Spanish-English Dictionaries (Spanish for Dummies was my favorite) and did their best to communicate. The kids played games, tye-died shirts, had an easter egg hunt, had a GREAT meal and just enjoyed hanging out with their friends from the U.S. As I said earlier I was so very blessed by this group. Not only was it nice to worship in English and just be able to chat with people and meet new friends, but I was so blessed to see the relationships that the people in this group have with the kids here. These people send financial support regularly to help out but just as importantly they also send small gifts, cards, pictures, and love throughout the year. The kids truly consider these people their friends. I hear about them all the time and we frequently look at the pictures that they have. I knew that our kids loved these people, but I was so overwhelmed by the love that these families had for these kids as well. Each person in the group brought a gift for a child, and they were no small gifts. I think every child got at least one outfit and a new pair of shoes, and many got much more. Before the group left they circled around all the kids and prayed for Didasko and sang a song, it was a song I'd never heard before but it talked about God surounding His people, and it was such a beautiful picture of Jesus' love for us as we were surrounded by this group. There were lots of tears shed as they said goodbye and headed out. What a blessing they were to us.

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