Too Close for Comfort

Directly behind our land here is a Honduran military base. There's really no distinguishing line where our land stops and theirs begins. This morning they had a BRILLIANT idea to start a fire to "PRACTICE" putting out fires; boy did they get a chance to "practice"! The fire got out of hand; it was BIG and it was BAD!!! I've never seen a fire out of control like that, the wind was blowing, and the grass was super dry so it was unbelievable how fast it moved. Up the mountain from my house there's a training center for the new recruits, well, it was there this morning, it was on fire this afternoon. When we were called out to look at the fire, I immediately got nervous; the first thing they said was we don't have firemen here. I'm thinking....OK...soooo what now??? They said if it gets too close we'll break off palm branches and beat the fire. I kind of chuckled thinking...you've got to be kidding me. But sure enough it wasn't long and the army troops were running through my front yard with big branches to beat the fire. I managed to maintain my cool until they told me I needed to move my car out of the garage, because the fire was getting so close it could blow...at that point I pretty much lost it...HELLO, THE GARAGE IS ATTACHED TO MY HOUSE!!!! People all over the U.S. and Central America were praying. We pulled out a water hose, and every bucket, bowl, pot or dish on this campus to do our best to help put it out. Three of the buildings on the land here, were within feet from the flames. God was gracious, and we lost NOTHING to the fire. I did learn that they DO have firefighters here. As soon as the fire was under control in our area, the military headed out to follow the flames, and the fire truck pulled up. They were a little late to help us, but our neighbors were extremely grateful to see them. Helicopters with big buckets of water came all throughout the afternoon and evening. The fire continues to climb up the mountain where there are many homes. Please be praying for those families, I'm sure lots of people lost their homes and much more today.


Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

What a disaster! Can I say it?! Why doesn't this surprise me?!

Alysse said...

Wow, how scarry!!

liz said...

Ummm... that's pretty much insane that they "decided" to do that without being prepared for the result, but... praise the Lord none of your things were harmed! yay!