There's Vomit EVERYWHERE!!!

When I posted the last post, I really thought I was having a rough day. I figured due to my overwhelmingly difficult day I thought I was in for some chill time by myself with a chic flick, and NO SPANISH. I got up from my computer and put dinner on to cook. I had no more than turned the stove on when I here a scream from my front yard, "Rhonda, Edgar esta vomitando" for those English only speakers, that translates to "Rhonda, Edgar is vomiting". I go outside take care of the vomiting child and clean up the mess. Whew, glad that's over I go back in to cook my dinner. After dinner I head out to check on the kids and I'm guessing whoever cooked their dinner did something HORRIBLY WRONG, cause there was vomit everywhere. The good news is, most of the kids once they got it out of their system and took a little Pepto they were fine and off to play again. It sure did leave me with a big mess to clean up though. Cristhian, one of the boys is still sick, he just can't kick it, and Pepto DID NOT HELP...that was a nasty mess. I left him with a big bowl and a roll of paper towels and told them to come get me if they need me. We'll see how the night goes.

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