I Have a Car

I bought a car when I got here, I am so very blessed. It was important that I got something that wouldn't leave me stranded on the side of the road, and something that could handle the rough roads I have to take to get back and forth to town. With a little extra help from my mom, (thanks mom) I was able to get a little 2002 Honda CRV. I love it. The kids wash it at least once a week. It has automatic windows, and I'm pretty sure they think it's the fanciest car they've ever seen. They've asked me what EVERY button, switch, latch, or any other random object does. They're definitely intrigued. I still haven't mustard the nerve to face driving in the city by myself, drivers here are CRAZY!! Jorge is taking me into town today so I can practice driving in the city, I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

that's so awesome you got a car. it looks like a nice car. you know that if you're gonna drive in the city, you're gonna have to learn to drive crazy like the rest of them, haha. too bad you can't fly back here for a weekend, mason-my husband (retired cop) could give you quick evoc lessons-they train in driving at fast speeds and they learn how to drive crazy. i keep asking him to give me an evoc lesson but he keeps telling me no-haha. those insects are scary looking, you got more guts than me. when i see a big spider-i scream, run, and get the nearest person to kill it. and this is coming from a mom of two boys who can handle lizards, frogs, worms, fish, small garden snakes. they have these huge brown wood spiders in ga and when i was little they totally freaked me out, so spiders aren't my thing. is it just your house or everybody else's that has the insects? i'm so glad you're enjoying being over there and being with the kids. i hate to hear that you were sick. are you better? the kids here at church seem to be growing in number lately and the teachers seem to be shrinking in number but samantha, josh, and i are holding down the ship. i don't know if you know, but josh's dad died about 2 weeks ago. it has been hard on him it seems. this coming up week is reid's spring break. we bought 4 acres in deville, la just outside of alexandria. we are going to clear it and put a doublewide trailer on it. we have our house up for sale here. we have to get reid out of this school system. wish we could have him in community but we can't afford it. we are looking forward to the move. we can't move until our house sells. i'm looking forward to the move but i get this uneasy feeling about leaving the kids at church, but mason says maybe i'm meant to go help other kids at another church in la. well, i better go. i look forward to seeing pics of the kids you have. you are in our prayers and take care. i haven't had a chance to get your letter in the mail, but i was thinking a care package instead. is there anything you want from over here? love nichole

Jennifer Sebastian said...

I am so thrilled that God is moving mightely in you Rhonda....

Let me know as soon as you can about any needs that you or the orphanage have. :) That's my job.

I want to be in contanct with you to know your needs so our church can try and provide it. I would also like to email/talk with you about having a small handfull of us from East Valley, come and serve you and the team there.

Let me know what you think. God bless you and keep it up! Your doing great!

Your sister in the Lord,

Jennifer Sebastian
East Valley Foursquare Church