I got furniture!! I had a not so happy day the other day, so Christian (Jorge and Rosa's son) and Rosa took me shopping. I have had a hamack and only a hamack in my living room. I kinda liked it, although it felt like I had a front porche for a living room. My lack of furniture was driving Rosa nuts. There is not much selection here, but we had a good time and got some nice furniture. I really wanted something simple, the majority of the couches at the store had BOLD PRINT on them, I was not really digging anything I saw. After a little digging around I found this set. I really got more than I needed, but the three pieces came together and it was pretty reasonably priced. The walls could use a picture or two, and the hamack needs to go, but I'm grateful to have a place to sit and relax. I really like my curtains, you can't really see them in the pics, but they have chocolate brown flowers on them.

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