Happy Birthday Jorge!

Yesterday was Jorge's birthday, so Saturday afternoon we celebrated with cake and ice cream, then that evening I made dinner for the family. They wanted lasagna, which was not an easy task. Part of the greatness of lasagna is the cheeses you use to make it, so I had to search high and low to get the right cheeses. It turned out pretty good but like many of the gringo foods you try to cook here, the flavor was a little off. Everyone had seconds though, so it couldn't have been too bad. Yesterday after church we went to lunch and then to a little tourist town. We had a really good time. I drove all day yesterday, and actually kinda enjoyed it. There were a few stressful moments, but I did pretty good. I'm slowly getting used to the craziness on the roads. Rosa's hand is doing better; she ended up getting 4 pins in it. She is supposed to get the cast off at the beginning of April.

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