Saying Goodbye

So frequently I find that as goodbye's approach I get nervous, sad, and just plain emotional. This life that I've chosen requires lots of goodbye's some difficult, some not so difficult, and some that are heart-wrenching. Over the last several months I've been in Texas, the Lord has blessed me with a great friend. Someone to talk to, go to dinner with, and to walk with me through the heart-ache of losing my daddy. This friend will be moving this week, so just around the corner is yet another very sad goodbye. The thought of how sad this goodbye will be only leads me to think of how difficult it will be to say goodbye to my family in a few short weeks. If you've followed my goodbyes in the past, you know none of them were easy, and I dreaded them all, but yet I knew the God's grace was sufficient, and again, I know He will be with me through these as well.

Thank you so much for you continued prayers and support. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Today is my parents anniversary, they would have been married for 36 years. Its a difficult day for my mom, pray for her if you think about it.

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