Hello, I am posting this on behalf of Rhonda. For those who may not of heard, Rhonda's Dad passed away in a tragic car accident yesterday (Tuesday, Sept 30). I ask all of you to pray for Rhonda, her Mom and her family. The service is on Saturday at 2:00 pm at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange TX. If you would like to send your love and thoughts to Rhonda you can email her at rsw77tx@hotmail.com
She is not up for phone calls but is able to check email in a few days.
If you would like to send a card or flowers please email me at faithgo1@msn.com and I will give you her address in TX.

In His love,


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

My dear Rhonda. My heart is sad...so sad for you. I will pray for your heart and your family.

Phamilyof6 said...

Rhonda: I just learned of this news. I am SOOOO sorry and I send my love and prayers and hugs and condolences. My heart aches for all of you.

We just sad goodbye to John's dad 2 weeks ago yesterday and it was terrible. Lots of loves and hugs to you.


Beth said...

Sooooooooo happy you are in with us!!!
please post some of your pic so that we can get aquanted with you, and be your friend as well!!!
I am here for whatever you need, we are going 100mph for Jesus at the missions department!!!
bless you much and do get into our blog as well!!
God Bless you!!
Beth Hall (FMI)