Todo lo que tengo...

I packed EVERYTHING I OWN today, it's kinda sad that my entire life fits in 5 suitcases and a backpack. I can't believe I've lived in Cost Rica for a year and 1 day and it's over. The time I've had here has been an incredible blessing. It has been a tear filled week as I've been saying my goodbyes and wrapping things up. Tomorrow morning I'm getting up (way too early I might add) to make a "Gringo Goodbye Breakfast" for my family and goodbye's will be said as the family leaves for work/school. At 10:00 am I head out for the airport. I am on the same flight as a good friend of mine, so my last goodbye will be when I land in Houston, but it will be shortly followed by extremely happy hello's as I greet my family. It will undoubtedly be a day filled with emotion. Every psychotically emotional day should end with a latte from Starbucks, and that's exactly what's gonna happen, I must say, I'm quite excited.


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Hey girl - I'm so glad you are taking a chance to go back to the states before heading to Honduras! I pray you enjoy your time - it's restful - because God has GREAT plans for you in Honduras my friend! Can't wait to be in the same country again! Not that we are close or anything - but still fun! Love ya! Que Dios la acompane!

Laurie Batten said...


I wish you all the best and am excited to continue reading your blog! God bless you, and all the lives you are about to touch!! (And the ones you have touched already!)