Goobye's Are Never Easy

Last Thursday was our last week to serve in La Carpio until next trimester, and a good portion of our team will be moving on to serve in other countries, so Thursday we had a little good bye party. It was lots of fun, but so very sad. I'm so grateful I have another four months to look forward to, before having to say goodbye. La Carpio has brought unexplainable amounts of joy to my life throughout the last eight months. I truly am unsure I would have survived Language School without it. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting at my desk in my office at the church looking at pictures and watching videos of the ministry in La Carpio saying I want to be a part of that. Now it's that ministry that keeps me ticking, that reminds me why I'm learning this language, that feeds the fire that God placed in this heart of mine. I was asked to head up the team for next trimester, I feel privileged and honored that The Lord would allow me to serve Him in this way. Please be praying that The Lord blesses the ministry in La Carpio during the upcoming months and for years to come, and that He blesses the broken hearted missionaries that had to say goodbye to so many sweet faces.

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