What a Day!!!!

So, today was definitely an interesting one. My language class went pretty good this morning, I had a test, but it was easier than I was expecting, so I had nothing to complain about. Grammar class wasn't so great, we are learning Subjunctives, so any Spanish speakers/learners need no further explanation, but for the rest of you guys, there's like 15 tenses in Spanish and we were conjugating verbs in 13 of those tenses, which translates to gritting your teeth and pulling all your hair out. Generally my Grammar class is two hours long with a five minute break in the middle, to relieve some of the stress from the first hour, there's usually a race to the little snack shop during the break to buy peanut M&M's to gain stamina for the next hour. Well, we were only about 45 minutes into the first hour when I realised my brain was COMPLETELY fried. So, the teacher was going around the class having us all conjugate these verbs, which I'm sure you understand is quite challenging. I had both hands on my head trying to figure out exactly what the guy next to me had just said when I realise the teacher is staring at me expecting me to conjugate the verb she had just given me. The problem was I was so focused on not knowing what the guy next to me had just said, that I was CLUELESS about what I was supposed to do. So with my hair in complete disarray from rubbing my head I looked at the teacher, and the only thing that came out of my mouth was...Necesito M&M's (I need M&M's) so she laughed and repeated herself, and I was able to spit out the conjugations, and I survived the next 15 minutes until the break, but I definitely savored that bag of M&M's and made them last through the next hour.

So, class was out, I scarfed down some lunch and headed out to La Carpio. Things were seemingly going great, we were taking our weekly walk down by the river having fun like always. I was kinda leading the group, and we got to this area in the walk that always makes me a little nervous. There is a bridge that crosses the river, it's completely made of scrap wood, by any random person who has a hammer and wants to add a piece, so needless to say, I don't generally walk on it. But at the beginning of the bridge, there is a little mini platform that you have to cross to get down to the last several houses. It's not uncommon for the "steps" (if that's what you want to call them) are broken, so I generally try to avoid stepping on any of them for any amount of time, cause I don't want to be the person that breaks the step. So I decided a "sturdy looking" rock at the base of the steps was a better plan. By the GRACE OF GOD, there are cables that hold up the bride just above your head as your stepping up on the platform, so I've made it a habit to grab the cable just as extra support in getting up on the platform. So I step onto the "sturdy rock" and immediately grab the cable to feel the rock slip out from underneath me. The rock that I put so much trust in decided it wanted to go for a swim in the River, and I was heading down right behind it. (Did I mention all the raw sewage from the houses in La Carpio dumps into the river) Well, the one hand on the cable above my head decided it didn't like the idea of swimming in raw sewage so much, so it held on for dear life until my feet found a place to land again. It was pretty scary. I quickly scurried over the platform realising my arm felt more pain than I've experienced in some time, and my legs were pretty banged up, but I wasn't swimming, so I was grateful. We finished our river walk and headed back to the gym for the service.

The kids were a little more wound up than normal so the service was a little frustrating, in the pre-service games a little girl got her tooth knocked out, (that was exciting) so we get her cleaned up and realise it was a baby tooth with a big tooth coming in right behind it, so no need to stress. We had the story and everyone sat down to color. I was feeling a little relieved, and grateful for an opportunity to take a seat. I sat down with a few little girls who were coloring. One of the little girls was probably not quite two and was there with her sister. Her sister decided to get up and get another paper, so she began to cry. So of course I pick her up and put her in my lap. She calmed down right away and we began coloring, the thought crossed my mind that something felt weird, realising pretty quickly it was an extremely full diaper, i just ignored it, there was nothing I could do. So I continued holding this little girl as she colored, when all of a sudden the weird feeling on my leg changed it was suddenly warm and wet. I look down to see wetness running down my leg...YAY could this day get any better, there is now urine running down my scraped up leg. So I sat the little girl down on the floor with her picture and crayons, and said a little prayer that the Lord would protect me from scary disease and continued coloring, what else could I do?

I finished the day off with pizza at my favorite pizza place, and a movie at a friends house. It all worked out pretty well. My legs are looking better and my arm feels better, but it's still hurts pretty bad and REEKS of Ben Gay. If you could pray for quick healing and that nothing is seriously wrong with my arm that would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this entry was so long, hopefully you got a little chuckle out of my CRAZY day.


CA RN to Honduras Missionary said...

Oh my friend - I hope your Friday made things a little better, and I certainly hope your birthday makes things look brighter :-) See you Monday!

D said...

i seriously laughed out loud! i love the way you tell stories!!!!