Prayer Requests

Today has been a little overwhelming. It seems that bad news has been quickly followed with more bad news. I decided to make a short list of the most important prayer requests.

1. I found out this evening that my Paw Paw J (My mom's step father) was in a tractor accident on Saturday afternoon and he passed away. Please be praying for my Mimi (my mom's mother) as she is obviously having a really hard time. I can't imagine the heart ache that she must be feeling. I was blessed to be able to spend some time with them just before I came to Costa Rica, and last week they were visiting my family and I was able to chat with them and see them on the web cam. What a blessing! My heart is sad, especially for my Mimi.

2. My sister Amber has been in the hospital since Thursday, she went to the Emergency Room experiencing severe pain in her abdoman. The doctors have been unable to figure out what the problem is, tomorrow they will be doing an upper GI to hopefully get some answers.

3. The Lord has blessed me with a dear friend here in Costa Rica. If you check my blog frequently, I'm sure you've seen her in a picture or two. Her name is Debra Adams. Her Step Father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and went to be with Jesus this afternoon. Please be praying for Debra and her family during this difficult time.

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